Network service management investigates issues with efficient event analysis and resolves them by analyzing captured signaling message bits & bytes

Telecommuni­cation Protocol Analyzer

How customized KPIs and dynamic analytics reduced operating costs


To investigate service issues, engineers analyze the bits & bytes of the protocol signaling messages between network elements. Our protocol analyzer solution was deployed in a test lab, where you can detect incorrect configuration of the service delivery network components. The intuitive protocol filtering and call trace features provided efficient management of the new service development.

Repetitive testing and protocol traffic analysis in LTE networks

Simulation testing of the new LTE service software was performed, and the effects on other protocol interface signaling loads needed to be constantly monitored and optimized. The engineers defined specific KPIs for the types of protocol messages under observation.

Automate investigation of interface loads for efficient management

The integrated event counter application analyzed these specific message time durations and the time delays between those messages to automatically count and measure them, store results and report KPIs.

From the test lab to field measurement during the roll-out of LTE


Our protocol analyzer solution was deployed in the field during initial set-up at several core network sites with the same interface KPI analytics configuration. These tests captured by the protocol analyzer reported the effects of the LTE service signaling on a multi-vendor network configuration interface environment.