Monitoring live roaming traffic and test traffic reduced MTTR

Secure roaming revenue by monitoring live traffic and test traffic on roaming network interconnects, providing fast test trace troubleshooting to reduce MTTR and churn

Roaming and Interconnect Assurance

Network monitoring of test traffic reduces MTTR of roaming issues


Testing roaming service quality detects issues. Network monitoring captures the test traces on roaming service interconnect links. Investigating and troubleshooting test transaction traces is fast using protocol analysis to resolve the detected issue.

Investigating only test traces delays issue resolution

Testing roaming services detects critical issues with partner networks. Investigation evidence is incomplete as only the initial test signaling trace is available. The delay in collecting further test trace signaling evidence increases the revenue loss from roaming services.

Monitoring interconnects enables troubleshooting on test signaling

Testing roaming services prevents critical issues being left undetected and impacting customer’s roaming experiences. Passive monitoring of interconnect signaling captures the live traffic, as well as the test call signaling traces for fast drill-down investigations.

Test traces analyzed for fast resolution and issue tested to confirm fix


Detected issues from testing roaming services are investigated using the captured transactions and historical signaling messages. Protocol analysis drill-down discovers the service configuration error and the issue can be quickly resolved. When needed, signaling messages can also be shared with partner networks to correct errors in their networks.