Monitoring Roaming and Interconnect Service and VoIP

Protect roaming revenue by monitoring live traffic and VoIP quality on roaming network interconnects, plus testing mobile and in/out bound roaming services

Roaming and Interconnect Assurance

Real-time detection of VoIP issues on roaming interconnects


Roaming services need carrier network voice interconnects to destination partners. As international voice services contribute significantly to roaming revenues, our solution monitors 100% of VoIP calls. Real-time detection of voice quality issues prevents an impact on revenues.

Detecting interconnect network voice issues

Some of your roaming visitors experience poor voice quality on international calls. How can network operators detect voice quality and service issues on carrier interconnects?

Monitor 100% of voice call RTP media links

Your roaming voice service KPIs do not indicate carrier interconnect roaming issues, but the voice quality is poor. Adding an independent VoIP monitoring of 100% customer experiences gives you voice quality visibility.

Real-time voice quality issue detection reduces MTTR


The interconnect voice service monitoring was extended with VoIP monitoring probe measuring voice quality MOS on 100% of calls. The new MOS insights helped manage the carrier interconnect SLA and prevent poor voice quality. The real-time detection and fast resolution of voice quality issues minimizes the revenue loss.