Secure roaming revenues by monitoring network and roaming service test traffic, as well as live roaming service traffic on network carrier interconnects.

Roaming and Interconnect Assurance

Testing and passive monitoring of roaming services protects revenues


Roaming revenues contribute significantly to annual network profits. Roaming services connect your mobile network with carrier interconnect networks and partner networks. Our solution monitors and tests all components of your roaming services. Real-time detection of any roaming issues and fast resolution will prevent an impact on revenues.

Roaming issues caused by interconnects

Visiting roamer customers arrive each day. Mobile operators monitor roaming service access capability from all partner networks. However, some partner visitors arriving experience no service access and switch to competitor networks. How can network operators detect visiting partner service issues before impacting customers and resolve them fast?

Monitoring live roaming service traffic doesn’t stop service issues impacting customers

Business visitors arriving from a partner network noticed and complained that they could not roam onto your network and they churned to the competitor. NOC investigations found transaction reports for the visitor’s attempts to connect, but their network authorization was missing. The on-line roaming monitoring application only issued a warning severity alarm for this particular partner switch error.

Monitoring test transactions and live traffic protects revenues

Our roaming and interconnect solution performed a few test calls for this partner network. The roaming and interconnect monitoring troubleshooting found that this roaming partner’s authorization was delayed and the connection procedure timed out. Contacting the partner network with signal trace evidence solved the issue within minutes. After the deployment of our roaming and interconnect solution, testing this partner networks was then configured requiring no additional operator resources.