Network and Service monitoring prevents churn

National and roaming service quality tests detect issues and prevent bad customer experiences. 24x7 service access testing campaign protects revenues.

Network Service Quality Testing

Proactive service quality testing detects issues before they impact customers


Mobile operator service testing is often neglected, and due to resources, not performed regularly. Manual or outsourced testing of network services gives the possibility of 4-5 hours of undetected critical service issues. Therefore, automated 24×7 regular service testing campaigns assure network services function correctly, prevents churn and protect revenues.
Manual service testing leaves service failures undetected
Mobile operators manually or outsource proactive test campaigns for national access and international roaming partner mobile operators. Outsourced expensive testing leaves open the possibility of a critical roaming service access failure left undetected for several hours, or days. The test campaigns will eventually detect these issue, but how can the impact on revenues be reduced? 3 hours is a long time! And if it happens often, twice a month, then the revenue impact can be quite large.

Continuous automated 24×7 testing campaigns

Mobile operators with 24×7 proactive service quality testing can detect network service issue fast. When service issues develop, the 24×7 automated regular testing will generate a service quality alarm. Once the issue is detected and resolved, revenue losses can be minimized.
In this way, the detection, investigation and repair of network and roaming service issues is achieved in a matter of 30 minutes, not hours or days. The impact on network and roaming service revenues is small, the risk of customer churn is reduced and the SLAs with partner networks are met.

How your own service quality test solution is cost effective saves valuable revenues

Nexus Telecom provided a customer with complete proactive service quality testing solution, combined with Global Roaming Test Service. With a small centralized system equipped with network core probes and air probes, network-wide testing capability was established. Automated 24×7 testing was scheduled with comprehensive test campaigns.
Service access for roaming visitors from partner networks were also tested through a highly scalable SIM server, holding many SIM cards from these partner networks.
In a 12 months period, continuous testing detected 6 critical service issues which were resolved within 20 minutes. The fast issue resolution reduced customer churn and secured revenues.