Network and Subscriber intelligence

Test Call Generator (TCG) delivers subscriber-intelligence service records for OSS/BSS applications, including Revenue Assurance to stop revenue leakage.

Network-and subscriber-intelligence

Stop revenue leaks – Test Call Generator (TCG)


Performing service test audits on networks is mandatory to detect and stop revenue leaks. Automated regular service testing assures switch billing records are available, service usage times are accurate and new service plan bundles can be billed correctly before launch.

Manual service testing is unreliable and time consuming

With revenues under pressure, how can you know there are no revenue leaks? By auditing the service billing, there are a lot of services, time slots and cell locations that affect billing tariffs. Therefore, manual tests can be unreliable, inaccurate and time consuming to cover all scenarios.

How to schedule automated service test campaigns

Our Test Call Generator (TCG) connects to core network and air probes to audit all services. The test campaigns are easily complied using drop-and-drag, ensuring all types of voice and data tests can be performed in the correct time slots and cell locations. When performing the tests, the test records are compared to the actual switch billing records delivered for the test calls.

Detecting and resolving revenue threats


A new service bundle for university students was configured. They would receive 30% reduction on calls from the university cell locations. During the service test audit for each university cell location, it was discovered that the bundled configuration was set for an 80% reduction. This was corrected before the new student bundled service plan was launched.