Network and Subscriber intelligence

Our Mobile Broadband subscriber-intelligence records provide network customer data for OSS/BSS applications, including Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Network-and subscriber-intelligence

Efficient Mobile Broadband Customer insights


Mobile Data analysis for customer experience is increasingly challenging. With mobile data volumes doubling every 2 years, our customer insight data solution offers unique data reduction to make analytical and CEM applications more efficient.

How to get manageable Mobile Broadband data volumes

The challenge for OSS/BSS applications is managing the ever increasing customer experience data volumes extracted from mobile broadband services. This pushes communication and processing hardware to their limits earlier than planned. To manage data analysis more efficiently and without introducing sampling, our solution offers a high data reduction ratio to condense the data volumes.

Consolidated mobile broadband transaction information

Data service transactions travel many different network paths. Network resource statistics deliver KPIs to display the network impact on services and customer experiences. Our solution intelligently gathers the mobile broadband customer transaction details to consolidate them into a single record per site.

Exploring KPIs in near real-time


The mobile broadband subscriber intelligent data provides real-time processed KPIs. The data enables customized dashboard overviews and responsive drill-down capabilities for exploring network data services, data network resources, roaming service performance and services delivered to VIP groups.