Network and Subscriber intelligence for BSS applications

Real-time network-and subscriber-intelligence in single records provides fast network customer data for Fraud detection and Revenue Assurance applications

Network-and subscriber-intelligence

Successful Fraud Detection with real-time Customer insights


Our solution delivers customer data in real-time, using network-wide correlation on the fly to simplify the network data for analytic applications. The multi-technology network export data stream ensures OSS/BSS systems operate more efficiently.

Why our real-time subscriber insight data is unique

Operators and their OSS/BSS applications require analysis of real-time network data and customer experience insights. Most monitoring systems are not equipped to export in real time, as they need additional mediation systems to aggregate the network information into a single customer record, which delays the data considerably.

How pre-processing the data helps analytical efficiency

Our customers know the importance of fast customer data that does not overload their analytical applications. The customer insights are pre-processed to condense network-wide service transaction information and eliminate the need for any mediation. The benefits for OSS/BSS applications is in smaller data volumes to process, which enables analytical applications to run on cost-effective infrastructure and produce near real-time results.

Benefits for Fraud Detection


Fraud detection reaction times must be fast, hence the need for real-time customer insight records. With the condensed real-time full transaction flow from a single multi-technology monitoring system, processing complex fraud rules is completed more efficiently. For Fraud systems alone, our exported monitoring data achieves a RoI for the system ten times over, each year!