Our monitoring solution reduces complex VoLTE service signaling and combines voice quality MOS data for fast issue resolutions to launch VoLTE earlier


Our unique correlation process reduces complex VoLTE signaling


VoLTE service is critical for Mobile operators to maintain market share, but it must be good for business. By speeding-up service roll-out and efficiently supporting VoLTE customers, your return on VoLTE investment starts earlier and boosts revenues sooner. Nexus Telecom’s VoLTE solution significantly reduces the time-to-market, allowing VoLTE to contribute earlier to revenues.

VoLTE brings new voice revenues

Traditional voice revenues are under pressure from OTT (Over The Top) internet alternatives. Now operators can offer voice over LTE (VoLTE), which brings customers HD voice quality and faster voice call set-ups. Operators look forward to reduced network costs. Therefore, to ensure a fast Return on Investment (ROI), VoLTE network investments need a fast roll-out, efficient network and customer support, and connected customers to generate revenues.

How do get VoLTE signaling visibility

During VoLTE deployments, the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) voice service test calls are captured and analyzed. VoLTE brings many more complex service signaling messages. NOC engineers solving VoLTE service issues require real-time search for problem test calls. By filtering with mobile number, our VoLTE solution lists all the correlated test transaction activity within 15 seconds.

Transaction flow visibility simplifies VoLTE investigations


It can take inexperienced NOC engineers more than 3 hours to pinpoint a problem in VoLTE service signaling transactions. That increases deployment costs, delays VoLTE launch and affects revenues from future customers. Nexus Telecom’s unique signaling message correlation is now available for VoLTE and IMS voice service signaling messages. For example, our network and service VoLTE monitoring solution with IMS signaling correlation reduced the time to identify a test call issue during voice mail call forwarding troubleshooting. Real-time search capability resulted in reducing the problem resolution time to less than 15 minutes. VoLTE deployment costs and the time-to-market were reduced.