VoIP network monitoring generates more revenues

Voice quality monitoring MOS data provides a superior KPI for Least Cost Routing (LCR) applications to offer a higher premium for VoIP carrier network services.


How voice quality MOS values help increase VoIP network revenues


Voice service performance KPIs have traditionally been used for monitoring the voice quality on VoIP networks. Least Cost Routing (LCR) applications use short duration calls or poor call set-up ratios to detect poor voice service and switch to better voice quality services. Now our solution offers voice quality MOS values available in 5 second intervals. Our carriers and operators customers are able to offer new voice quality premium network services, with an opportunity to generate new VoIP network revenues with guaranteed PREMIUM voice quality.

Why VoIP operators want voice quality premium services

VoLTE brings HD voice and mobile operators want high voice quality carrier interconnects to satisfy customers. VoIP monitoring provides carriers with voice quality MOS measurements. The MOS value enables LCR applications to keep voice quality at a premium, a service that commands additional revenues.

Carriers encouraged to deploy independent VoIP monitoring

Our VoIP quality monitoring solution is measuring 100% of ALL calls through several gateways of a large international carrier in response to mobile operators able to measure voice quality. Higher voice quality often means higher interconnect link costs. The additional guaranteed voice quality service is generating more revenues through negotiating new SLAs for the premium voice services.

Nexus uses new VoIP monitoring technology solution for voice quality


Nexus Telecom’s single scalable solution is a small server deployment providing the intelligent monitoring requirements for 100% of VoIP calls. In the past, large storages were needed to store and process the voice quality measurements. Today, our unique technology improves the VoIP solution’s voice call monitoring capacity. The resulting measurements are available to integrate with existing LCR applications to support revenue generation from the premium voice service.