Voice quality monitoring with MOS data locates issues in real-time in your VoIP network, for 100% of bidirectional RTP flows, reporting affected links, destination, gateway and VIP group..


Voice quality makes the difference in your VoIP network


Voice quality assurance systems give customer experiences visibility on VoIP networks. When voice customers churn, revenues are lost and you don’t know why.
A VoIP monitoring solution identifies voice quality issues in your network and improves international customer’s satisfaction, resulting in longer connected calls and increasing revenues.

It all about the impact on voice quality!

Voice quality experienced by customers encourages them to use OTT alternatives. Your carrier interconnect supplier claims he is delivering the best value and voice quality according to the SLA. But customers are still complaining! How can you argue with no evidence? To protect revenues, you must respond to voice quality issues and prevent customers churning.

How to get visibility on VoIP networks

Customer voice service issues with VoIP networks are easily detected using voice quality monitoring and MOS data for ALL calls in 5 sec. intervals. Voice quality visibility for every call is displayed bidirectional, including all network links, destinations, customer segments and user handsets.

An independent, highly scalable, multi-link solution for VoIP networks


Deploying a small server provides the monitoring requirements for 100% of VoIP calls. The voice call monitoring capacity is large and independent from any other systems.
Voice quality KPI reporting delivers the customizable reports needed to negotiate with your carrier interconnect supplier, and to assure excellent voice quality for your customers. By preventing voice quality issues, customer are satisfied, stay connected longer and your voice revenues increase.