Network and Service monitoring rapid investigations

Capturing customer end-to-end records and their signaling messages provides network activity historical data that enables fast investigations into critical network service issues.

Network and Service monitoring

Minimize revenue loss by reducing investigation and resolution time


A large mobile operator’s voice revenue averages $16m daily. Alarms indicate a critical voice service network switch failure occurs. Identifying the cause is the longest time interval in the investigation. Reducing this time will minimize revenue loss.

Engineers access monitoring system transactions

Capturing signaling data from large networks for several days, results in huge data storages of signaling messages. Can you find what you are looking for? Do you know where in the network to look? How long does it take to search all possibilities?

Permanent correlation simplifies the search for network service transactions

Our solution provides network-wide correlation of the customer transaction signaling messages. With several days’ storage, our solution filtering could drill-down to the messages correlated with other network service functions. Analyzing the bits & bytes of protocol messages, the problem cause was identified in 5 minutes. An INAP link had failed preventing a high percentage of call connections.

Transaction call flows provide information in a flash


The engineers could search switch transactions and analyze the signaling flows. Once the failed signaling event was detected, repairs were done in 5 minutes. Our solution delivered fast network-wide troubleshooting, saving at least 30 minutes of lost revenue.