Voice over IP (VoIP) Quality Monitoring

How can you demand better VoIP interconnect quality with no visibility on voice quality?

Voice Quality Monitoring

Our independent VoIP solution measures bidirectional voice quality with mean opinion score (MOS) values and voice service performance for 100% of all voice calls. The customizable reporting provides visibility on network voice quality issues, voice packet statistics and total called minute MOS values. Using dashboard analytics, users can determine network issue locations with complete visibility per link, per destination, customer group and each voice codec performance.



Locating voice quality issues in VoIP networks

To determine the location of VoIP network’s intermittent voice quality, our solution provides voice quality visibility for all VoIP network links. Customer experience of voice quality is measured bidirectional in 5 second interval MOS values for all calls for each destination and customer segment, including handsets and voice codecs. Measurement reports include SIP voice service KPIs, packet statistic KPIs and total minutes voice quality MOS dashboards.


Independent deployment for multi-link VoIP networks

To improve customer voice quality, our VoIP monitoring solution is a simple cost effective deployment. A single small server has a large voice call RTP monitoring capacity when compared to other systems. A VoIP network quality overview displays KPIs for the most common customer voice call issues impacted by voice quality. The solution is scalable for multi-link monitoring and integrates easily into operator’s OSS/BSS systems.

Visibility for VoIP networks

Affordable VoIP network monitoring with new features for voice quality assurance
100% of all VoIP calls
MOS measurements
KPI reports
Packet statistics
Flexible reporting
Easy network analytics
Voice Codec efficiencies
SIP correlated CDRs
Export RTP records
Small footprint
Playback of voice calls
Intelligent search function