A Protocol Analyzer for telecom signaling messages

How to find the cause of network service issues in the protocol bits & bytes.

Telecommunication Protocol Analyzer

Telecom network signaling protocol messages carry critical information and must arrive on time. Our portable and server based protocol analyzer solutions capture and store accurate protocol messages, analyzing them with intuitive tools to investigate service issues. Users can log-in remotely and view automated process alerts during issue analysis.



Scalable centralized telecom Protocol Analyzer systems


New mobile network extensions and test laboratory environments require ad-hoc monitoring of signaling links to configure and correct service functions. Our centralized protocol analysis solution with central trace data storage are LAN connected to portable units and server-based units. Multiple users are able to log-in and analyze any historical trace files or select on-line signaling message analysis. Centralized 24×7 data processing options include creating CDRs, KPIs and export report data.


GSM-R Railway support

GSM-R networks are supporting new fast train signaling using ETCS signaling standards. For safety reasons, it is critical to monitor the train signaling and cell coverage to report any signaling gap issues with high speed train supervision. Our protocol analysis solution provides complete detection, decoding and correlation of GSM-R and ETCS protocols. Reporting includes train signaling performance and GSM-R cell coverage, which simplifies the roll-out of train control systems and reduces deployment costs by not using test trains and rail capacity.

Centralized Protocol Analyzer features

Protocol Analyzer features for portable and server-based network service analytics.
Monitoring live traffic
Roaming customer traces
Interconnect VoIP monitoring
Event Counter Analysis
Service event alarms
Customizable alarm thresholds
Drill-down from alarms
Analysis of protocol messages
Storage of minitored link signaling
Real-time event KPIs
Export of customer CDRs
Customer experience traces
GSM-R traffic monitoring
GSM-R and ETCS correlation
Multi-vendor protocol support
Multi-interface correlation
Graphical Call trace
VoIP playback analysis
IP flow analysis
Comprehensive protocol filtering
Off-line Software
Service Level valid upgrades