Roaming Service and Interconnect Assurance

How seamless roaming services build a great mobile network reputation

Roaming and Interconnect Assurance

Roaming services over interconnects are impacted by carrier and global partner network issues, with the largest revenue impact from your own network. How do detect these issues before they affect customers? Network monitoring of roaming interconnects enables real-time alerts when service threshold KPIs are breached. But most importantly is automated regular service testing to assure interconnect roaming services for all partner networks.

Network monitoring and Roaming Service Testing


Monitoring roaming services assures real-time detection of service quality issues. Customers from some partner networks do not visit every day or every week, therefore, it is critical to automatically test roaming services for all partner networks. This verifies roaming service access for all customers, especially after network switch software upgrades or carrier re-routing tasks are performed.



Securing and protecting roaming revenues

What do you do when testing detects poor service quality? When roaming issues are detected, our Roaming and Interconnect solution provides investigative and analytical tools to efficiently resolve problems. Monitoring and testing service quality perfectly complement each other to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), saving potentially lost roaming revenues. Additional roaming reports provide management of roaming strategies, whether they are effective or change suddenly in a partner network. Fast response times to service issues protects revenues.

Roaming and Interconnect solution features

Monitoring live traffic enables on-line service assurance features, as well as regular testing features assures great customer experiences.
Monitoring live traffic
Roaming customer insights
Interconnect VoIP monitoring
Real-time service alarms
Customizable alarm thresholds
Drill-down from alarms
Analysis of roaming messages
Protocol Analysis
Storage of roaming signaling
Strategy management reports
Real-time roaming KPIs
Fast roaming customer searches
Export of roaming CDRs
Testing air interfaces
2G, 3G, 4G testing
Voice quality tests
Global out-bound testing
National in-bound testing
Network service testing
Automated testing 24x7
Scheduling ad-hoc testing
Resource scheduling
SIM card server
Network-wide testing
Location based testing
Test Call Generator
Billing verification records
Alarm for service quality
Comprehensive partner reporting
Roaming service Test traces