Network testing guarantees Service Quality

Testing pays for itself! Customers remember bad service experiences.

Network Service Quality Testing

Network switch software upgrades are common place today. How many operators test services after a switch upgrade? It prevents devastating service outages, blocking of roaming partners, or large revenues losses. Automated testing of critical services detects network configuration issues and prevents bad customer experiences.



Network and Service Quality Assurance Testing


Proactively testing network services assures detection of service quality issues before customers are impacted. If you insist on service quality, having your own test tools deployed enables any network upgrades and configuration changes to be tested without delays. Tests are performed by national located Air probes, Regional network access interfaces and accessing our Global Roaming Test Service. Service quality assurance is performed automatically 24×7, as well as ad-hoc testing to test network upgrades and to investigate detected issues.


Service Assurance protecting revenues and your customer services

24×7 Service quality active testing detects network issues preventing services functioning correctly, which results in revenue losses. Do you want good customer experiences to maintain your network image? How do you launch new services, introduce location based billing plans and check the roaming service billing functions? Our network service quality testing solution is a proven, reliable and cost effective service testing solution that is 100% available when you need it!. There is no more waiting for outsourced testing to detect service failures.

Service Assurance testing solution features

Network and service testing features every operator needs to guarantee service quality.
Testing air interfaces
2G, 3G, 4G testing
Voice quality tests
National in-bound testing
Network service testing
Automated testing 24x7
Scheduling ad-hoc testing
Resource scheduling
SIM card server
Network-wide testing
Location based testing
Test Call Generator
Billing verification records
Alarm for service quality
Comprehensive partner reporting
Global out-bound testing
National network access testing
Roaming service testing
Service degradation alarms
Customizable alarm thresholds
Signal traces for service errors
Analysis of roaming signals
Roaming strategy testing