Network and Subscriber intelligence

Real-time network and subscriber intelligence data for OSS / BSS applications help you transform the customer experience.

Network and Subscriber Intelligence

Monitoring network signaling links captures the network-wide customer experience. Our solution adds intelligence to captured data by correlating all customer network transactions into a single customer data record (CDR). Through open interfaces, our real-time customer insights are easily integrated for revenue assurance, CEM applications and other OSS/BSS systems.




How adding intelligence to customer insights delivers efficient management


Telecom customer experience data expands as services become more complex, consuming valuable time searching and analyzing. Our Network and Subscriber Intelligence solution delivers customer insights in real-time, with added intelligence to increase OSS/BSS application efficiency and deliver fast results. Real-time OSS/BSS customer insight integration examples include Revenue Assurance systems, Business Intelligence, Welcome SMS, Device management systems and Road traffic flow reporting.

Subscriber intelligence solution features

Real-time network and subscriber intelligence data features for customer experience insights.
Multi-vendor network data
Network Performance
Customer Experience records
Service quality performance
Signaling statistics
Documented data selections
Customized data filtering
User configurable access
System health monitoring
Proven Fraud Detection data
Proven Billing Verification data
Proven cell location data