Our Services

Nexus Telecom Professional Services successfully deliver reliable and responsive telecom management solutions. We are also there when you need solution extensions to continue growing and investing in your business.



Our experienced staff provide many customer services including:


Project Consulting:

• Solution optimization for customer’s business needs
• Specification of solution platform and storage considerations
• Efficient WLAN communication design to minimize use of customer IP networks
• Optimal integration of monitoring points, test interfaces and network element data


• Installation of Nexus software solution according to customer’s design
• Configuration of the monitoring and test points in the central server
• Fine tuning of capturing innovative network operator services

On-site Expertise:

• Commissioning of the solution and central applications
• Solution acceptance procedure with our customers

System Administration:

• Introduce the solution documentation and our support services
• Provide administration support for management and solution users


• Training the users of the Nexus Telecom solution
• Training local organization to perform solution support
• Additional training for new users
• Additional technology training for users supporting new technologies

Service Level Agreements:

• Hardware and Software support agreements.
• Solution audit of performance and data delivery
• Recommend solution upgrades to maintain performance through network growth phases


We look forward to working with you.