Network and Service Performance internet service

Network performance management has integrated investigation and “burden of proof” features, enabling fast response to slow data customer service complaints.

Network and service performance management


Why is our internet slow?


Slow internet data speed was registered by a VIP customer. Network performance and grade of service data indicates that their link load had been overloaded and a non critical grade of service alarm was registered.

Customer link overload

The customer bandwidth was exceeded and temporarily impacted normal internet services to this customer. Investigation of network and service reporting data shows the overload and slow internet speed occurred in the same time interval.

Unusual traffic load

Network information from the switch delivering this customer’s service indicated a high traffic load consisting of Video during this time.

Customer confirms responsibility


The customer was contacted. Inside investigations discover that a new promotional video was shared to all company locations. The video was HD quality and sent to several destinations. Once the video was completed, normal internet services resumed.
No service penalties resulted because of the breached SLA.