Network and Service Performance Event Detection

Unified network resource management detects and alarms abnormal events. Traffic load warnings of 80% capacity are investigated before impacting services.

Network and service performance management


How to detect unusual increasing network load before disrupting services.


A warning severity alarm of 80% link bandwidth usage is triggered. Network performance data indicates that the specific link load has been slowly increasing for 2 days. No critical severity service alarms, yet!

A warning before critical load issue

Left undetected, the link would have eventually blocked services to an important customer. The unified network and service reporting enables troubleshooting of the network information associated with this link.

Recent network switch activity discovered

Network activity information indicated that a new service configuration was loaded 2 days before during a planned switch outage time. Detailed checking of this switch configuration discovers an error that caused the unusual traffic growth.

Resolved and return to normal traffic


The switch configuration error was corrected and traffic load returned to normal. The early warning detection of critical issue saved network down time and prevented customer impact. SLA revenue impact was also avoided for this customer.