Multi-Vendor Network Performance Management

Automated multi-vendor network performance management and service quality monitoring reduces operation costs and provides visibility of unified network services

Network and service performance management


Multi-vendor unified network visibility for network performance and service quality.


Customers pay for service quality and a guaranteed service availability. Critical issues impacting services and customers are unavoidable – or are they? Network information and service performance data delivers the visibility and the early warnings signs of any developing issues.

Multi-vendor in-house reporting is obsolete!

Multi-vendor networks have a variety of network information data, where your valuable engineering resources manipulate this data to display each specific network’s service delivery performances. This introduces delay and there is no near real-time issue detection. For each network vendor, it is difficult to measure how their specific network performances impacts the other network vendors, or get an overall visibility of delivered customer service quality.

One system for network and service visibility

A single network resource management and service quality monitoring system gives network and service quality visibility from an efficient centralized management. Combining multi-vendor network information and service quality monitoring enables a uniform services management strategy to standardize service KPI thresholds, and to detect early warning of critical unified network issues.

Manage SLAs and protect revenues

Our solution provides standard reporting of network and service data, which includes critical issue warning detection. The visibility on system dashboards indicate where multivendor network loads impact service delivery performance. Integrated troubleshooting resolves these issues fast, ensuring customer service SLAs are met and revenues are protected.