Global Roaming Service Assurance use case

Roaming services function on signaling links. Automated regular testing detects the weak link causing service issues before impacting customer experiences.

Global Roaming Test Service

Use_Case2_Global_Roaming_Test Service_World-map_for_Use_Case

Global Roaming Test Service detects issues caused by network changes


Your mobile network, carrier networks and partner networks all change and update configurations to add complex new services. With so many network changes, testing provides the confirmation that existing roaming services are not impacted. This was highlighted by a mobile operator had installed new switch software to update an interconnect gateway. Roaming services were blocked, and was not discovered until our Test Service performed cloud-based tests several hours later.

Time pressure during a network outage can cause services issues

Frequent mobile network changes, switch software updates, new roaming partner connections and many more activities make network outage time slots extremely busy. Mistakes happen and test tools are not deployed. The upgraded switch is returned to live traffic and the configuration is blocking roaming signalling with all partner networks.

Our cloud-based test service is simple, cost effective and efficient.

The Global Roaming Test Service has customer SIM cards for scheduled tests. From a browser log-in, engineers activated global roaming service tests to each partner network. These tests displayed no partner network was reachable. NOC engineers checked the gateway switch configuration files and corrected the problem.


Global Roaming Test Service is your extra testing resource

GLOBAL_ROAMING_TEST_SERVICE_USE_CASE Planning network updates includes organizing test engineer resources. Our cloud-based solution features pre-programmed ad-hoc test schedules, which are simply activated when required from a web-based browser interface. The solution requires less resources for testing to reduce your operation costs. Simple and effective testing confirms updates and new connections, as well as testing existing services before switching to live network. Our solution tests would have prevented 3 hour roaming service outage.