Success Story - Overwhelming success of NexusVERIFIER's proactive testing in Mobilink's revenue assurance project

July 2013 - NexusVERIFIER's modular Test Call Generator solution for Mobilink

"With the NexusVERIFIER Test Call Generator we can now offer new innovative service tariff plans and support them with the right billing parameter"

Ch. Abdul Mannan,
Senior Manager Business Assurance,


Overwhelming Success

NexusVERIFIER's modular Test Call Generator system proved to be so flexible and versatile, that Mobilink's Business case for their initial revenue assurance project was overwhelmingly successful.

Detailed test call generation within the system included:

  • Real-time test CDR Generation and Collection
  • Reconciliation of Nexus generated CDRs with Billing CDRs
  • Gap Analysis for Identification of lost CDRs in Billing Chain
  • Verification of tariff plans through automated testing round the clock, for existing and pre-launch subscriber services

The deployment and success of the NexusVERIFIER Test Call Generator project attracted the attention of the radio access and core network management departments. NexusVERIFIER will be further extended to strengthen Mobilink's revenue and service assurance, including outbound and inbound mobile roaming services.

NexusVERIFIER modular and flexible Test Call Generator

With each core network interface, network-wide virtual connections are configured to many network elements. The versatility of this feature helps to provide the capability to test existing and new services with regional or location based tariff plans. Based on the test results, the revenue department was able to guide the network configuration to ensure the required billing parameters were present in their billing records to support these new location based services before service launch.

Ch. Abdul Mannan, Senior Manager Business Assurance at Mobilink, praising the flexibility said,

"The ability to actually test from specific cells and check that we could identify each customer and the different time slots when calls were performed, helped to ensure that we could offer new innovative service tariff plans and support them with the right billing parameter."


General overview of the Test Call Generation solution deployed in Mobilink

Integration of the NexusVERIFIER Test Call Generator

NexusVERIFIER TCG is currently integrated with Mobilink's network system. CDRs from both the TCG and the billing records from the network elements are available to the reconciliation system.

Ch. Abdul Mannan explained, "The use of the NexusVERIFIER TCG is a great success and we are taking advantage of it in a number of areas:

  • Product Pre- and Post-launch testing (Behavior and charging)
  • Testing for Post-paid and Pre-paid Products
  • TCG Results Reconciliation with various (OSS/BSS) platforms
  • Network and service quality testing
  • Account Rounding issues at different levels

For us, this has become a measuring tool for different Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management KPIs to know the completeness and accuracy level of different CDR data sources/systems."

The Revenue department was able to test both Pre-/Post-paid subscriptions, comparing fields including duration, MOC/MOT cell location, time slot of the day, customer classification SIM card, short code dialing, specific behavior patterns for tariff plans, and many more.

Mobilink's tariff service launch from concept idea stage to a commercial launch was easy on paper, but when an innovative concept is introduced to a live network, a lot can change. Therefore, NexusVERIFIER TCG was used to test the new concept without impacting the live subscribers. To cover all the many customer segments within Mobilink, the NexusVERIFIER TCG was loaded with large pool Subscriber SIM Cards that could be used in parallel for tests.

Nexus VERIFIER TCG was also used to perform and identify fraudulent scenarios. e.g. when calls dialed with local prefixes were routed internationally, but charged as domestic.

Nationally, intersystem/network timing differences were analyzed using the CDR time stamps, which is important for charging, and to ensure that all nodes are configured to be synchronized to one clock source.

Some new services or ideas were test launched for the particular targeted geographic location. NexusVERFIER TCG allows users to perform testing in any cell coverage location, including intersystem/network nodes duration testing.

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