Network Performance and Service Management

Real-time trend analysis and complex anomaly detection for pro-active management of network performance and customer service quality.

Network and Service Performance Management

Our solution enables Tier 1 operators and enterprises to cost-effectively operate, optimize and plan their networks. Real-time network infrastructure and service status reporting detects service quality issues. “Burden-of-proof” troubleshooting investigations determine if an issue is a network or a customer related cause, helping to manage strict Service Level Agreements (SLA) and protect revenues.



How to manage growth in service applications and network resources


Growth in customers, network and services increase revenues. Infrastructure issues that impact any of these are critical and threaten revenues. Our solution gathers service application and network resource statistics, to display near real-time network-wide visibility of traffic load and service quality performance. Customized alarm thresholds allow engineers to get early warnings of potential major issues and resolve them immediately.



Guaranteed service quality attracts customers

How can you manage service quality for high revenue customers? Tier 1 operators use our solution to detect issues impacting services and investigate to find the cause and “burden-of-proof”. Detecting and efficiently resolving issues reduces operation costs and protects revenues. Customers can login to service performance reports and view their service performance details over various time intervals.

Network performance solution features

Managing unified network resources and service applications delivering customer services.
Multi-vendor data gathering
Multi-tennant accesss
Multi media service applications
Ethernet Enterprises
Network resource status
Service quality performance
Near real-time dashboards
Customized network reporting
User configurable overviews
Service event alarms
Near real-time system health