Network and Service Monitoring

Customer experience and network services issues are managed in real-time, reducing operating costs and increasing revenues. Talk to your customers on-line.

Network and Service Monitoring

Nexus Telecom’s unique real-time end-to-end customer experience solution delivers fast, easy and first-time-right investigations. There is no waiting for network-wide call flow traces and protocol analysis. Real-time correlated customer insight data enables efficient network management for fast  investigations of customer, network and service issues.

Fast Customer issue resolution


Our network and service monitoring solution captures network-wide end-to-end customer experience information. Passive probes store the captured protocol messages from the signaling links. The signaling information is centrally processed to provide real-time applications with correlated customer experience data, enabling fast transaction searches to analyze customer complaint issues. Customer voice and data service investigations include call flow analytics and network-wide protocol analysis of historical or on-line signaling messages.


More efficient network management

If operational costs are stubbornly high, our efficient centralized monitoring solution reduces investigation times, saving hours or even days, and that’s a lot of money! Our single system scales easily to monitor large multi-technology networks, providing network-wide and multi-technology network service management. The system delivers real-time customer experience insights enabling central applications to detect network and service performance issues. These real-time customer insights provide the most valuable data for OSSS/BSS management systems

Customer experience solution features

We make efficient use of voice and data service records to add intelligence to our customer experience insights.
Single multi-technology system
Data and Voice services
Network-wide correlation
Customer care efficiency
Call trace diagrams
Storage of protocol messages
Customized service reporting
Dashboard and KPI analytics
24x7 full data monitoring
Scales to any network size
System performance for 200 users
Roaming service management
VIP customer monitoring
Open interface integration
Fast data feed for Fraud systems