Global Roaming Test Service – cloud based

Test your foreign partner networks to manage your roaming SLAs.

Global Roaming Test Service

Roaming networks change each day. Regular testing between your network and your foreign partner networks detect new roaming service issues that impact customers. By simply providing a few SIM cards, our cloud-based solution automatically and efficiently tests your TOP roaming partners. Testing keeps your partner networks fit to meet your agreed SLAs and protect revenues.



Global Roaming Quality Test Service to protect revenues


Global partner networks demand high quality roaming services for their operator alliance customers. Negotiated service access contracts and planned revenues are at risk if customers churn or service issues cause significant revenue losses. Our cloud-based Global Roaming Test Service provides a simple solution to perform automated regular roaming service tests, to ensure your customers are receiving the best roaming service quality and to protect your planned revenues.


Simple, cloud-based and cost effective roaming tests

Managing your TOP roaming partners to support your customers has never been easier. There is no installation of hardware or software. Scheduled roaming service access testing alerts you of any critical threats to your service and revenues. Ad-hoc on-demand testing allows you to investigate issues related to services, country location or 2G/3G/4G access using real-time and historical results. Dashboards help analyze results, measure the success of new services, confirm regulatory obligations and detect fraudulent SIM Boxes.

Global Roaming Test Service features

Cloud-based Test Service features improving your roaming customer experiences.
Testing global air interfaces
2G, 3G, 4G testing
Voice quality tests
National in-bound testing
Network service testing
Automated testing 24x7
On-demand testing
Resource scheduling
SIM card server
Country based testing
Test Call Generator
Comprehensive partner reporting
Global out-bound testing
Roaming service testing
Alarm for service quality
Customizable alarm thresholds
Steering of Roaming strategy testing
SIM Box detection